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ZDA specializes in nationwide Supply Chain Recruiting including: supply chain, planning, transportation, distribution, manufacturing and procurement.

Supply Chain Industry

If you're looking for work in the supply chain industry, you've come to the right place. Contact us today to discuss your ideal placement or search our open positions.

  • A Five-Minute Guide ...

    Artificial Intelligence is quickly changing many industries at a mind-boggling rate and its starting to take the hiring process by storm. Artificial intelligence technology is behind many new solutions for the hiring process, everything from basic hiring tools to advanced AI solutions. Together or on their own, these tools offer […]

  • Your Resume Screams ...

    Hiring managers see a ton of resumes in the course of doing their job. After a while, they can spot a bad applicant in seconds. In fact, research has shown the average length of time a hiring manager looks at a resume is less than 30 seconds. Experienced hiring personnel […]


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