Finding the Underperformers in the Job Interview – How Can You Do It to Save Thousands in Future Hiring?

March 20th, 2018

As a hiring professional, you will likely have to look at many types of candidates, some of which will be low-performing individuals. Most underperformers will be filtered out before they get to the interview process. However, that does not mean you will not have these individuals on the short list […]

Which Tried-and-True Job Search Strategies Still Work? Which Ones Need to Adjust

March 13th, 2018

When you’re looking for work, advice on job seeking seems to be everywhere. Some advice is tried-and-true; it’s as useful today as it was 20 years ago. Other bits of advice are outdated, and following them can actually hurt your chances of getting a job. Consider the following examples of […]

Glassdoor’s Top Jobs in 2018 Feature Numerous Supply Chain Opportunities

March 9th, 2018

The number of supply chain job opportunities has exploded in recent years, and that fact was recently reflected in Glassdoor’s 50 Best Jobs in America list. The list included many jobs found directly in the supply chain and a few that are supply chain-adjacent. Check out a few highlights from […]

Your Boss Resigned – What Do You Do Now?

February 27th, 2018

It’s disruptive when anyone quits their job, but when it’s the boss – it affects every employee supervised by that person. Sometimes, business goes on as usual. Other times, the resignation is a harbinger of bad times to come. Because of the potential ramifications, it’s important to think through your […]

What Really Improves Diversity Among Leadership Positions?

February 21st, 2018

More and more research-based evidence is showing that diverse leadership generates better results than leadership groups that lack diversity. Diverse teams tend to perform better financially, be more efficient at hiring top talent and oversee less worker turnover. Clearly, striving to create a diverse leadership group isn’t just the right […]

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