Follow this Sign of the Times and Consider Targeting GREEN Opportunities in Your Job Search.

What is a Green Job?

A green job is a blue-collar or white-collar job done for a “green purpose” according to the Blue-Green Alliance. Apollo Alliance, a coalition of business, labor and environmental groups that champion green employment, define a green job as”

“a job with decent wages, with a real career path, with upward mobility, that reduces waste and pollution and benefits the environment.”

Many green jobs will be focused on renewable energy – such as wind-driven or solar-driven energy technologies.

Scientists and engineers will definitely benefits from the growth of the environmental sector. So will information technology specialists, as green technology becomes more computerized.

If 30% of US electricity was generated from renewable energy by 2030, tens of thousands of jobs would be created for steel and sheet metal workers, as well as, electricians and welders.

A subset of green jobs is “green-collar jobs.” Green-collar jobs refer to the specific manual labor opportunities in a green economy that would be open to low-skilled workers in industries like recycling collection and waste composting.

Due to the Stimulus Legislation the Congressional Budget Office estimated that the original Senate bill would …

Create between 600,000 and 1.9 million total jobs by the end of 2011.

Have you even considered targeting a Green Job in your future? If you haven’t before now, there’s not time like the present!

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