Confused? Just Follow this Fashion Advice:

Ten years ago this question was answered the same way without hesitation. Job seekers were told to wear dark colors, preferably a business suit and an overall conservative look.

Female job seekers were told to wear a dark business suit; heels (not too high), nylons (regardless of season), jewelry and make up were acceptable as long as they were not distracting!

In the past ten years, I have witnessed and heard experiences back from my clients on how inappropriate attire has screened individuals before they ever got to the interview! Some of these I will share for a good laugh but they may also assist some of you in your job search and in selecting appropriate attire for work.

You should NOT:

1. Wear gym shoes (you can wear them TO the interview – change your shoes before you ever see the Receptionist!) . I also had a VP of HR get screened out because he wore his lucky Red Cowboy Boots to an interview.

2. Wear jewelry, piercing (of any type) or make up that will distract the interviewer from what you are saying during your interview.

3. Wear “flashy” or “trendy” clothes. This is a very common mistake that job seekers make! There is a time and a place for clothes that are “in style.” However, an interview is not that place!

4. Wear hair color that is distracting. We have seen every color of the rainbow and it is not something that impresses our clients!

5. Display tattoos proudly. This is another very common issue we are dealing with in our marketplace today. Tattoos are very “trendy” and often job seekers don’t even think abut them while they are interviewing.

6. Try to impress ANY possible employer with promiscuity. Skirts should not be short and blouses should not be low cut. Tight clothes are another style that should be avoided.

7. Wear a LOT of you favorite cologne or perfume! What if your interviewer is allergic?

8. Smoke before your interview! Many, many individuals are screened out because the interviewer doesn’t smoke and can smell smoke on their clothes.


1. Wear appropriate shoes!

2. Try to keep body piercing out of the workplace and in your personal life instead.

3. Keep jewelry simple!

4. Wear conservative clothes – they can be in style too!

5. Keep you hair color simple – conservative as well.

6. Hide tattoos whenever possible for your interview.

7. Again, conservative clothes are a must!

8. Keep cologne/perfume weak or avoid it altogether.

9. If you are a smoker, try not to do it before your interviewer!

At the beginning of this article, I described what appropriate attire for an interview was 10 years ago. The ironic part is that my professional advice is to follow those SAME STANDARDS TODAY!

The workplace itself is different now! Proper attire 10 years ago was very conservative. Today, both small and large corporations have switched to what we call “Corporate Casual.”

“Corporate Casual Attire” is what job seekers EARN once they have been hired!”

“Conservative Attire” is what job seekers need to wear in order to be hired!


When Promotions are passed out, Professional Attire is one area that is included in the decision making process.

It is Always Wise to Take a Dry Run Before an Interview. Drive to the Location to determine the length of the Commute. Observe the employees entering work and always dress ONE LEVEL better than the current employees. Hiring Authorities feel the BEST you will ever dress is the Day of your Interview.

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