Why Did You Fail to Make the Sale?

Many over 50 candidates who interview for jobs for which they believe they are uniquely qualified fail to get a call back. The accusation of agism leaps to mind. Yet, the employer saw your resume and already knew your approximate age and chose to interview you. There was something in your background that caused them to believe you were the right person for the job and they wanted to learn more. If you failed to make the sale, look to your interview for the reasons. Did you talk outcomes? Was your appearance age appropriate? How was your energy level? Did you ‘explain’ or relate your experience? Employers look to your stories to tell them if your recent accomplishments compared to their needs. Solution? Examine the job description and for every line item, write down a relevant example with an outcome. That puts you ahead of the competition and in line for a call back.

Rita Ashley, Career Coach


Pamela Day