10 Benefits Of Why You Want To Work With A Search Firm

Having your resume in the hands of a recruiter is the best passive way to be open to outstanding opportunities in your profession.

Some Here are 10 benefits of why you want to work with a search firm:

1. Recruiters have access to many positions that are not advertised.

2. Recruiters can provide tremendous insight into the companies they represent when preparing you for your interviews.

3. When top corporations need the best person for a specific position, they turn to recruiters for their expertise and network!

4. Working with a recruiter is the best way to conduct a passive job search.

5. The process is extremely confidential.

6. You are able to test your marketability without risking your current job.

7. Small to mid-size companies are growing rapidly. It is typically those companies that utilize search firms.

8. Recruiters are always educated and aware of market trends. They can talk with you about current trends and predicted future trends.

9. If your recruiter knows what your long-term goals are, they can help you find positions that will enable you to attain your goals!

10. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Unless you feel it is your next logical career move, there is no obligation on your part to

accept any position.

Taken from our book, Don’t Interview… Audition. To order, click HERE