As if interviewing wasn’t nerve-wracking enough, video and virtual interviews are starting to grow in popularity. Employers are using them to pre-screen candidates, especially those who live elsewhere, to save money.

So now you not only need to do your research on the company and practice your answers to commonly asked questions so you sound knowledgeable, you have to have a good onscreen presence.

You may never have considered how you look on video because you’re in the supply chain industry, not on TV. But if you haven’t been on camera yet, chances are you will be in the future.

And unlike a face-to-face interview, when people are watching a video, they’re looking at you pretty constantly. They won’t be looking away as much as they would in a real life conversation, so you need to make sure what they see is impressive.

No, you don’t have to act like a newscaster or look like a movie star. What you have to be is professional.

  1. Have proper posture. Your grandmother was right: slouching looks terrible. Sit up straight and don’t lean on anything during your video or your call.
  2. Be well groomed. Make sure your hair is clean and tidy (including facial hair) and that your clothes are clean and pressed.
  3. Dress professionally, and avoid wearing colors that wash you out or are too outrageous. One employer recalled an interviewee who wore a bright orange blouse, which called to mind a prison uniform.
  4. Don’t sit stiffly, but don’t overdo your hand gestures. Using them to make a point is fine, but waving them around is distracting.
  5. Look attentive but not overanxious. Smile and be pleasant – smiling will also help conceal any nervousness you might be feeling.
  6. Check out the background. Make sure there is nothing too personal, embarrassing or distracting behind you.
  7. Practice looking into the eye of camera, not off into the distance or to one side. And if you tend to look down, your eyes will look droopy—or worse, closed!
  8. Practice speaking clearly and concisely. Don’t be in too much of a rush, and remember to breathe.
  9. If you can, conduct a practice interview with a family member or friend. Have them ask you some real interview questions so you can practice your answers. Then you can review the tape and see where you might need to improve.

Video interviews can open doors for you at companies across the country. There might be a terrific supply chain opportunity at an organization three states over; but that company might not be able to fly in every candidate they want to interview. By making a good impression through a video interview, you might just come out in front of the pack and get that job offer—without having to leave home!

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