Working with a supply chain recruiting partner is a smart way to optimize your hiring budget—but only if you choose the right firm. Here are some common mistakes companies make when choosing a recruiting partner and how you can avoid them!

  • Bigger is Not Always Better.  First is the mistaken belief that you should only partner with the biggest firm in the industry. In fact, smaller firms are able to provide a higher quality of service because they focus on only a few clients.
  • The Silver Bullet Doesn’t Exist. An experienced firm can help with your strategic staffing and help you find the best talent on the market, but they can’t solve all of your problems.
  • Paying Less Now Can Mean Paying More Later. If you choose your supply chain staffing partnership based on having the lowest price, instead of on their quality of service and expertise, you may end up getting exactly what you pay for. Partnering with the cheapest firm instead of one that charges a competitive rate may result in your paying more, if you end up in a cycle of rehiring due to their poor delivery of quality candidates.
  • Avoid the General. Find the Specific. You may think you don’t need to work with an industry-specific firm, but if you choose a generalist staffing firm, chances are they won’t have the expertise necessary to find the best talent in the industry.

When you’re ready to engage a supply chain recruitment firm, ask about their search process. Inquire about their methodologies. What are their areas of specialization and service offerings? What markets and industries do they serve?

To successfully help your company identify, attract, hire, and retain the very best supply chain talent, a recruiter’s process should model and mirror a robust supply chain itself!

Hiring the wrong supply chain recruiter has consequences: significant increases to the time and costs associated with getting your positions filled, making regrettable hiring decisions and jeopardizing your long-term business success. Hiring an experienced supply chain recruitment firm means effective, efficient hiring by someone who understands your industry.

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