Are your supply chain company’s recruiting efforts relevant in the current workforce climate? The labor market has gotten tighter, workers have more choices and the demand for talent far outweighs the supply. Your best bet to stay competitive? Create a recruiting strategy to match your company’s growth projection and hiring needs.

What is Talent Acquisition?

Talent acquisition encompasses the ongoing cycle of processes related to attracting, sourcing, recruiting and hiring employees within your organization. It includes employment branding, outreach, networking and relationship building within potential candidate communities to continually build and enhance your organization’s talent pool.

It’s Like Supply Chain Management – With People!

HR managers are realizing that one of the best ways to manage talent is by using supply chain principles. To develop a talent acquisition strategy, take a holistic look at how supply chain candidates find and interact with your company, how your company engages them and what makes your company a desirable employer. Then ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I understand what changes my company needs to make to remain competitive?
  • Do I know which supply chain jobs drive time to value in my company?
  • Do I know what mindset and capabilities are required?
  • Are our work models and people practices robust enough to attract and retain the talent we need to be competitive?
  • Am I doing what is needed to ensure our talent strategy is connected to our business strategy?

You’ll also need to synchronize your recruiting strategies with the supply and demand of available talent. Understanding where the current (and future) supply of talent is, versus the demand, will help you make more efficient decisions in terms of where to allocate your recruitment marketing dollars.

Put simply, the challenges of managing talent are similar to those of moving goods through any supply chain. The key issues are appropriate speed of delivery, and successful predictions of what demand will be before supply runs out.

But—having access to plenty of people is not the same as having access to plentiful talent. The availability of the right skill sets—the kind that drive innovation, efficiency and competitive advantage—can be elusive. Companies globally are reporting greater difficulty in filling key supply chain roles.

If this describes your company, contact ZDA Supply Chain Recruiting to discuss what we can do to help. We’d be happy to use our expertise and experience to help you create the talent acquisition strategy that’s right for you.