Have you ever referred a friend or colleague for a job in the supply chain? If not, you may want to consider doing so. Why? Your referrals of other candidates can make a big impact on your own supply chain career.

First, if you recommend someone for a job at your own current company, and they do well, it reflects well on you. It shows that you have a good understanding of the company and its needs, and that you want the organization to succeed.

Second, it strengthens your network. If you become known as someone who can help others find the right job, you’ll find your peers and colleagues reaching out to you. Who knows, maybe someday one of them will be able to refer you for a supply chain job and get you in the door at one of your dream companies.
Third, say you are headhunted by a supply chain recruiter and aren’t interested in leaving your job. If you can give that recruiter names and contact information for other potential candidates, you’ve now established a relationship with a professional who can almost certainly help you in the future.

Gaining a reputation as a knowledgeable supply chain employee who knows good employees when you see them can only supercharge your career. Whether it makes you more valuable within your own company or on the job market, referring others—as long as you know them professionally and they truly are strong employees—can help you become a valued employee and resource.

At ZDA Supply Chain Recruiting, we strongly believe in the power of referrals. Why? We’ve seen firsthand how well they work, both for our clients and ourselves, as well as for the candidates who make them. Want to know more? Check out the details on our supply chain candidate referral program. And if you ever want to talk to us about finding your next great supply chain position, don’t hesitate to call!