The whole purpose of supply chain is to make sure that goods get to where they need to be, when they need to be there, as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. And obviously automation of processes has played a big role in the increasing efficiency of the supply chain function. So, what if you could get your people—the most important component in a successful supply chain—on board and up to speed with as much efficiency?

How About Automating the Onboarding Process?

As an employer, you want every new hire’s first day to be as reassuring and productive as possible. Imagine this scenario:

An employee comes in for his first day on the new job and already has his phone line, computer or other equipment set up, complete with username and login. His email account has been set up, his access badge is ready, and he has full access to the appropriate databases or user groups. And to give it that personal touch—multiple departments across the organization have already been notified of his arrival and are ready to welcome him.

To do all of this requires coordination between HR, hiring managers, IT, facilities, and other parts of the organization. In order for onboarding to be successful, your hiring managers will have to invest the time to build relationships and connect with supervisors, to ensure that both are on the same page.

The Benefits of Automation.

The benefits of automating onboarding include:

  • less paperwork
  • reduced costs
  • increased efficiency
  • increased accuracy (especially beneficial for compliance purposes)
  • creation of a full audit trail

Additionally, new employees feel welcome and prepared in their new positions and have the resources to quickly make an impact within the organization.

The downside? You’re going to have to spend money and time up front to reap the benefits down the line. You’ll have to research which system or software is best for you. Whichever you choose, you and the HR staff at your company will have to be trained in how to use it properly. You’ll have to configure it to your needs. And if you overdo it and make the process too impersonal, you may turn people off.

The Most Important Aspect of Onboarding.

A well-planned and well-executed onboarding program will benefit not only your new employee, but also your company. It is essential that your onboarding process have many opportunities for your new hire and the supervisor to invest time one-on-one to build the relationship and connect on a professional level. Because the supervisor is a seasoned team member who knows the ins and outs of their department, they might forget to share training information that is key to the success of the new hire in their position. By having frequent opportunities to connect one-on-one, the new hire will be able to voice concerns and ask questions.

In a fast-growing industry like supply chain, whether you automate or not, the best way to welcome new employees to your workplace is through a thoughtfully planned and executed onboarding program.

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