Whether you’re an established supply chain company or department, or a startup, hiring the right people is crucial to success. But hiring the wrong people not only wastes time, it wastes money. How can you tell whether your hiring team is equipped for the job, or could use help?

The hiring process takes too long.
If the hiring process for a single open requisition has gone on for several weeks or even months, there may be a problem. Ask your hiring team where the process is breaking down: is it a lack of good candidates? Does the team not have enough time or training to sort through applications efficiently? Is the job posting on target and realistic?

The interviewing process is not screening out poor quality candidates.
If the interviewers are not asking the right questions, they won’t find the right people. Every interviewer should be trained in what questions to ask and how to ask them. And at least one interviewer should be from the department where the candidate will be working.

The team is not documenting candidate impressions.
If the team is not holding a debriefing immediately following interviews, they may not all be on the same page when it comes to which candidates are tops. They should be able to present you with a list of top candidates and be able to tell you why those people are on the list.

The interviewers are not “selling” the job to candidates.
Even if interviews seem to be going well, if candidates aren’t accepting job offers, there’s a reason. Are your interviewers taking the time to highlight the benefits of working for your company?

The wrong candidates get hired—or nobody is hired at all.
If the wrong candidates are consistently being hired, your hiring team may be holding out for the “perfect” candidate—who may not exist! Or they may lack the capabilities to find and attract this person.

Has your hiring team asked for help? If you are seeing any of the above problems but nobody has asked for assistance, they may not realize how scope of the problem, or they may be simply be overwhelmed.

Working with a staffing partner can improve the quality of the candidate pool, speed up the hiring process and facilitate your success by finding the right people for your company. First, they have the time to focus on candidate search, which most hiring teams don’t, because it’s all they do. They also have contacts they can tap into, and the ability to sort through resumes quickly. Add to that their experience with interviewing and hiring, and you can see how they can improve your hiring efforts.

At ZDA Supply Chain Recruiting in Denver, we can offer you plenty of proof as to how we’ve helped our clients grow and succeed. Call us anytime you’d like to know more! And if you’re still not convinced working with a recruiter is right for you, consider these benefits.