When making a hiring decision on managers in the logistics industry, it is especially vital to get things right. Hiring mistakes at any level can cause an adverse impact to your organization’s operations, but especially when it involves a manager. Tailoring your interview questions to probe into the candidate’s experience and soft skills helps ensure the correct hire gets made.

With that in mind, here are a few ideas worth asking supply chain manager candidates during the interview process.

Explore Their Understanding of the Supply Chain Process

It is important to verify that the candidate fully understands the supply chain process. While it’s obvious that they comprehend the logistics industry somewhat to even be looking for a managerial role, probing into their level of knowledge or their familiarity with different operational models helps to gauge their overall suitability for your organization.

A Global Perspective is a Must

Frame some questions around the global nature of the supply chain industry. Try to understand how well the person relates to the different cultural perspectives typical of the logistics industry. Chances are great they will have to work with suppliers and clients from all over the world.

Don’t Forget the Soft Skills!

Soft skills are especially important for managers. The candidate’s communication abilities must be top notch, so pay attention to their verbal answers as well as the writing quality in their cover letter. Tailor some complex questions that require longer answers; technical questions about the supply chain process or their relevant experience should serve nicely.

Obviously, directing some questions towards the candidate’s integrity and people skills are also important considering the relevance of those attributes for managers no matter the industry. Frame them using supply chain industry-related scenarios so the answers offer additional insight to the worthiness of the candidate in question.

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