Making your way through some part or all of a company’s hiring process only to find out that you don’t want to take the job can be incredibly frustrating.

Furthermore, a hiring process is time-consuming and draining, so in the interest of having the most efficient job search possible, you should do your best to determine if the company is right for you as early as possible.

Communication is key

One of the best ways to tell if a company is right for you is by considering how they interact with you from the outset.

Ideally, communications from the company should be timely, professional and personalized. Of course, hiring managers always have a lot on their plate, but if it’s taking more than a couple days to answer any of your calls or emails, it’s a big red flag.

Pay attention to the tone of the communications. In addition to revealing if people at the company carry themselves professionally, the tone can also give clues as to the type of culture at an organization. If you are looking for a structured and fast-paced environment, the tone of communications from the company should have that feel.

It isn’t unusual for companies to send out automated emails in their first response to your application or resume. However, if in the second or third interactions with the company, you’re still being treated like a number, even by a hiring manager, you might want to look elsewhere.

Process tells you everything

If you want major clues as to how a company operates, pay attention to how they run their hiring process.

Is the process laid out and transparent? Does it seem organized? Are the interviewers asking good, interesting questions or the same old, same old?

If it feels like you’re on an assembly line of applicants, it might mean you aren’t going to be the most valued employee if you do get hired. If hiring personnel seem unorganized, you might be fending for yourself more than you’d like in the position.

Ask probing questions

Almost every interviewer will give you the opportunity to ask a few questions about the company during the interview. This is your opportunity to really get to know what it might be like working for the company, so don’t be afraid to turn the tables a little bit on your interviewer.

Ask them what the worst part about working for the company is. Ask them about the company’s last crisis and how it was handled. Ask about things that are important to you, like career advancement opportunities, health insurance, work-life balance or compensation.

The interview should be a two-way conversation and you need to gather all the information you can to avoid making a decision you end up regretting.

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