Your LinkedIn profile is available for any potential employer to see, 24/7/365, and therefore, it’s important for your profile to represent you properly.

You may not realize it, but your profile can indicate a lot about you as a professional. If your profile is a bare-bones, facts-only affair, hiring managers won’t see you as someone with a dynamic personality. On the other hand, if your profile is warm and vibrant, you’ll be seen as someone who puts the ‘social’ in social media.

In particular, the prominence of your current job in your LinkedIn profile can say a lot about the ‘professional you.’ Clearly, it’s important to think about a number of factors when tending to your LinkedIn profile.

The importance of your current job

Your profile conveys how strongly your present position has a bearing on your brand. Some professionals make their LinkedIn profile revolve around their current job. Others make their profile career-focused and treat their current job as part of the bigger picture. Finally, some people make their profile all about themselves. These folks are usually thought leaders or those who aspire to be leaders in their field.

How much you emphasize your current job should depend on your career goal and your personal brand. If you currently have a very good job at a prominent company, you should be more than happy to make that the centerpiece of your LinkedIn profile. If you want to be seen as someone with a varied background and a wide range of experiences, going with a career focus might make more sense. If you have a knack for building a following on social media, a personality-driven LinkedIn presence is probably the best approach.

The importance of your connections

The saying, “It’s not what you know, It’s who you know,” is truer than ever today, particularly on social media.

Profiles with only a handful of contacts are especially unattractive. The most efficient LinkedIn users have networks that are both deep and wide. They don’t just know a lot of people, they know movers and shakers throughout their industry.

Your LinkedIn profile should represent that same depth and breadth as much as possible. You don’t need thousands of connects. Just a few hundred is ideal. It’s more important to connect with prominent people, like the CEO of your current employer or a former colleague who has worked their way up the corporate ladder.

The importance of active engagement

It’s also very effective to be active on LinkedIn. Regularly post content relating to your field, news involving your company or anything you may have played a part in accomplishing.

Being active on LinkedIn shows you are passionate about your field and working hard on the social media platform to grow your value as a professional, a habit that recruiters and hiring managers like to see.

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