Unfortunately, there are many reasons your career might be stalled, and fortunately, there are many ways to fix it!

If outdated skills are stopping you, you can take classes. If there’s no room to move up at your current job, you can make a lateral move or take a step up with another company. Consider the following ways you can bring momentum back to your career.

1) Be More Assertive

Employees who don’t promote their own achievements run the risk of getting stuck in a career rut. If you’re the type of person who expects to be noticed for their hard work, it might be time to change your approach. Some people stay away from self-promotion because they don’t want to seem annoying. However, the more self-confidence you express, and the stronger you are in your actions, the more people will take notice.

Don’t feel pressured to be more assertive overnight. A good first step is to avoid being overly apologetic when speaking up. If you’re respectful to others, you won’t have much to be sorry about.

2) Expand Your Network

Expanding your network is a great way to get out of a career rut. Many people make the mistake of thinking networking involves building a long list of contacts. Instead of focusing on quantity, you should focus on finding high-quality contacts and strong mutually beneficial relationships. For instance, you could get to know the other parents at your child’s school, and then find out what they do for a living.

Getting to know people can open the door to new opportunities, even those you didn’t know were there. Realizing these opportunities, as well as expanding your network, requires keeping an open mind.

3) Learn New Skills

Regardless of your profession, having too many skills is never a problem. If your career requires a jolt, growing your skill set not only expands your options, it can also make you the kind of employee your company wants to keep and promote.

Taking classes, earning a certification or cross-training in your company are all ways you can expand your skill set.

4) Set a Concrete Goal

If you’re looking to get out of a career rut, it can help to establish some goals with concrete results that are easy to put on a resume. This might be a personal career goal, such as learning a new skill, or it might be a professional accomplishment. For instance, your goal could be to save your employer $30,000 this year or boost sales by 10 percent.

5) Consider a New Employer

Sometimes, it’s easy to settle for the familiarity of a job you don’t like and not take a chance on something else. If you do that, however, you run the risk of your career stalling.

When you open your mind to working somewhere else, you open the door to new career possibilities and possibly greater success.

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