Loving your job doesn’t mean you jump out of bed in the morning and race to your workplace just to bask in the glow of your responsibilities. Loving your job means you are content, willing to overlook its minor imperfections, and willing to work hard to make that love continue.

If you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling with your current job, consider the following tips to put the spark back in that essential relationship.

1) Expand your skills

Apathy can take hold when you are not challenged every day. If you think not being challenged is causing you to fall out of love with your current job, look for opportunities to take on new obligations or learn new skills. Based on your type of business, you might be able to stay in your current role while taking on group or individual projects.

Let your supervisor know if there’s a department or project you’re curious about and see how it feels to take on new duties without completely abandoning your current, familiar role.

2) Change your routine

Sometimes, it just takes small tweaks to refresh the way we see our job. If you think it might help, ask if you’re able to relocate to another space to literally get a new point of view on your job. Or, find out if you can change your work schedule and use the change to make adjustments in your personal life, like working out more.

3) Prioritize breaks

A simple approach to combat falling out of love with your job is to prioritize taking breaks; not just during the day, but also with respect to taking days off. Start by committing to regular small breaks and having a relaxing lunch as often as possible.

If you have paid vacation time, try to use it in a way that will help you recharge and refresh. Schedule regular time away from the office by taking two or three long weekends per quarter. Or save up for a big vacation you can look forward to with anticipation.

4) Use your benefits

Gym membership discounts, a 401(k) plan and other benefits are great, but too often – employees don’t take full advantage of them. If you don’t, you’re not getting full compensation for your hard work.

If you make an effort to use all the benefits offered to you, you’re more likely to appreciate your job and your employer.

5) Think big picture

When you get caught up in the day to day, it’s easy to forget why you go to work every day. You likely chose your particular line of work for a number of reasons, and getting back in touch with them can make you fall in love all over again with your job. Often, this involves thinking about the value that others get from your work or the respect people have for you when you do a good job.

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