When it comes to asking for a promotion, impressing your boss is essential.

You should be in the habit of putting your best foot forward daily, taking on more work whenever you can, and extending positive, professional energy. Simply put, you can put yourself in a position for a promotion by adopting good, impressive habits.

In addition to impressing your supervisor, being a model worker will make work more enjoyable, improve your work environment, and provide you with a sense of pride in your work.

Consider the following tips for showing your boss that you’re ready for a promotion.

1) Get to Know Them Personally

While hard work is great, it helps to get to know your supervisor on a personal level, as we naturally want to help people to succeed if we have a strong personal relationship with them.

One way to do this is to have meaningful discussions with them. If you feel comfortable doing so, you can ask them about their weekend or family, but you can also talk about work too.

Use the time you have together to express curiosity or share personal success. For instance, asking for them to discuss a new process in-depth or bringing up a successful project both helps you connect to your boss and shows you’re invested in the work that you do.

2) Get Personally Invested

When you get personally invested in your work, you start to look at the bigger picture, and this can lead to a greater sense of accountability and drive to do better. Going above and beyond is easy when you feel like you have a personal stake in your job, the industry, and the company.

3) Take on Extra Work

Although you shouldn’t take on too much work, you ought to volunteer to help as much as possible. When you do, try to be enthusiastic and committed to the extra work. Volunteering your services shows your boss that you’re a team player and interested in new challenges.

4) Stay Positive

People like to see positive people succeed. If you’re always pessimistic about projects and criticizing processes, your boss isn’t going to be rooting for you.

Positivity in the workplace isn’t difficult. Simply greeting people with a smile, happily taking on challenges problems, and not trash talking others will make you seem like a positive person.

5) Always Be On-Time

If you are always putting in good work, you might start to feel comfortable enough to come into work a bit late here or there. However, making sure to always come in on-time shows that you are truly on top of your game.

Dependability is a massive factor in any place of business. If your supervisor knows you will come in on-time, when you are supposed to, you’ll become the first choice for important projects and events.

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