Whether they’re looking to avoid the hassle of working with another party, or they’re just doubtful of the process, some executive job seekers are reluctant to use a talent company in their search for an executive position. Unfortunately, these would-be executives are passing on a more efficient and effective search process.

If you are skeptical about using an executive search firm in your job search, consider the following benefits.

Specialized Connections

Many people think they have the necessary resources and abilities to successfully land an executive position. However, this type of search requires more than asking around and scrolling through job boards.

The best executive jobs aren’t sitting around, waiting to be found. Typically, they’re filled through reliable, specialized connections. Firing off emails and cold calling isn’t likely to get you anywhere, or even a response in many situations.

Companies that specialize in executive talent acquisition have a network of connections and therefore are more likely to connect you to top job openings.

A Faster, Cheaper Process

Taken together, networking, resume customizing, cover letter writing, and interview prep require more than a few hours a day. Getting in touch and interviewing with top companies is a tactical, and time-consuming endeavor that should involve multiple people. If you are not experienced with this process, an ad-hoc job search is an inefficient use of resources, which could be used more effectively in other areas.

Also, those who are inexperienced with an executive search process will have lower odds of finding the best fit for their personality, experience, and skill set. The costs of taking the wrong job offer are incredibly high, and a bad job can crush your morale, as well as your career. The costs of working with an executive search company, on the other hand, can actually be lower in the long run.

Cream of the Crop Positions

Executive search companies take a lot of the hard work out of an executive job search process. Rather than having to sort through postings for poor-fit positions, an executive search company can narrow the pool down to only best-fit opportunities. This can help save time and other resources.

With its expansive network, an executive search agency can also provide you with a broader, more diverse range of potential positions.

Help with a New Executive Position

If a company is looking to hire for a newly-created executive role, it will likely be daunting for the applicant – with the compensation structure, qualifications, and actual hiring somewhat up in the air.

An executive search company can act as a consultant and collaborator in this situation. If you have questions regarding compensation, for instance, the company can advise on a reasonable package based on their understanding of the position and the market.

We Can Help with Your Next Executive Search

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