If you’re looking for a new job in 2020 and you’re not using LinkedIn, you may as well not but looking at all.

In a world where social media rules everything around us, LinkedIn is the top social platform dedicated to professionals, with more than 130 million users in the US alone. LinkedIn is also in 200 countries and territories around the planet.

For both professionals and students, LinkedIn is an essential place to network and find job opportunities online. Moreover, 87 percent of hiring personnel use LinkedIn when looking for potential candidates, according to a recent survey by Jobvite.

Of course, simply joining LinkedIn and setting up a profile isn’t enough. Below is a shortlist of tips that can help you the most on LinkedIn during your job search.

Ensure Your Profile is Complete and Up to Date

According to data from LinkedIn, profiles with a picture are 14 times more likely to be seen than those without. Also, profiles with professional skills listed are 13 times more likely to be seen compared to those without.

In addition to making sure you have an up-to-date picture and skills section; it is also important to have an eye-catching headline. Your headline should encapsulate you as a professional and share your short-term career ambitions.

(If You’re Unemployed) Make Your Availability Known

If you’re employed, it probably isn’t a good idea to announce on social media that you’re looking for a new job, for obvious reasons.

However, if you’re unemployed, don’t keep it a secret. There should never be any shame in being unemployed, but especially now, in the midst of a pandemic and economic crisis. Use your headline section to announce the type of job you’re currently seeking.

Research and Connect to Companies

LinkedIn makes it pretty straightforward to identify and follow potential employers. If you haven’t done this already, create a list of companies you’d prefer to work for and follow them on LinkedIn. This will allow you to learn more about company brands, stay on top of the latest news and catch announcements of open jobs when they become available.

Conduct Advanced Searches

LinkedIn’s Advanced Search option is a powerful tool that can help you find specific types of companies, people and open positions.

One effective way to use this feature is to learn which of your connections are associated with attractive potential employers. Once you’ve found prospects among your connections, you can interact with them depending on your level of familiarity and their connection with the potential employer. For instance, if they’re a close friend who works with an ideal employer, you quiz them about company culture and potential interviewers. If your friend is a client, you could ask about that relationship.

Get creative and open-minded with your search. You never know where an opportunity will come from.

We Can Boost Your Job Search Fitness

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