Hot Job: Director of Manufacturing

Job Opportunities | October 30th, 2019

A Director of Manufacturing oversees and manages manufacturing processes for a large organization or facility. This is a high-level, fast-paced career for leaders with exceptional leadership abilities, commitment to process and quality, and attention to detail. ZDA is currently recruiting for a director of manufacturing in the Chicago O’Hare area… Read More

Hot Job – Senior Operations Project Manager

Job Opportunities | September 25th, 2019

A Senior Operations Project Manager is an individual who oversees the delivery projects within an organization, which involves overseeing multiple business units. The person in this role supports project management operations for new products, product/sub-assembly transfers to other sites or suppliers, newly acquired site integrations and contract manufacturers. They are… Read More

Hot Job – Supply Chain Director

Job Opportunities | August 29th, 2019

A Supply Chain Director is responsible for overseeing shipping and logistics functions of a company, as well as handling the purchasing of goods or services and their delivery. This is a high-profile job within an organization that requires someone who is intelligent, well-organized, able to cope well with pressure and… Read More

Hot Job – Manufacturing Test Engineer

Job Opportunities | July 24th, 2019

A manufacturing test engineer is mainly responsible for testing products to see if they meet company, industry or regulatory standards. This person in this position must develop and oversee test processes that can determine if a product functions as it is designed. A test engineer is also in charge of… Read More

Hot Job – Director of Manufacturing

Job Opportunities | June 28th, 2019

A Director of Manufacturing is accountable for all of the manufacturing operations in a facility. They must make certain production is meeting necessary goals, deadlines, and quality standards, as well as staying within a designated budget. To excel in this position, you must have strong leadership skills and adequately engage… Read More

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