Top Technologies Supply Chain Businesses Should Welcome

Supply Chain Trends | January 23rd, 2019

Modern technology has rapidly become integrated into business, to the point it’s hard to imagine a normal workday without using a gadget or software program. In fact, entire companies and departments within companies couldn’t function without it. In the supply chain industry, new technologies are always poised to considerably alter… Read More

The Top Supply Chain Companies in 2018

Supply Chain Trends | November 21st, 2018

A recent report by the advisory company Gartner listed the Top 25 companies in the supply chain industry and offered an analysis of the industry’s current state. Released in May, the 14th annual report from the company included an impressive group of leaders with valuable lessons to share, including three… Read More

Is CPFR What Your Supply Chain Needs?

Supply Chain Trends | October 17th, 2018

Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR) is a business process that brings together several trading partners in the planning and fulfillment of customer demand. Its main objective is to raise availability of goods, while minimizing inventory and logistics costs. CPFR Stakeholders There are three essential stakeholders in CPFR system: Your… Read More

Global Supply Chain Trends That Will Affect the Industry’s Future

Supply Chain Trends | June 20th, 2018

Ever-evolving digital technology is driving change across the entire supply chain industry. For today’s supply chain professionals to remain effective, they need to stay on top of these changes and adjust their strategy accordingly. The following are emerging supply chain trends your organization needs to pay attention to, or risk… Read More

A Penny For Your Thoughts… And Supply Chain Value

Supply Chain Trends, Top Supply Chain Talent | June 16th, 2018

The supply chain industry demands that people who work in it are continuously providing value through their skills and experience. The industry puts a premium on using skills to minimize costs and provide the most value possible to clients. That being said, some skills provide more value than others. Below… Read More

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