I used Pamela Day on a number of searches for a number of professional positions for Ross Stores. Pam was extremely professional and thorough, and was remarkable by delivering top talent head and shoulders above anyone else. I would highly recommend her work. She understood the needs of the client, and provided services in a time-sensitive and efficient manner.” Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.

SVP HR Supply Chain

Pamela has the uncanny ability to read through resume puffery and identify a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses within minutes. She adds value to both job seekers and employers resulting in a shortened recruiting cycle. Her professionalism and talent make her a go to recruiter.

EVP Software Company

Pamela has been an invaluable partner in our recruiting process. She thoroughly understands the distribution world and has supplied us with top talent. She is organized, detailed, energetic all coupled with an extremely strong and honest work ethic. If I were to work with only one agency, Pamela would be my choice!

Manager of Staffing, Large Retail Client

I can highly recommend Pamela Day. Since Pam has actually worked across many areas of the Supply Chain, she has the experience and knowledge to help the firms she is recruiting for and the potential candidates quickly focus on possible opportunities and good matches. Pam’s direct and professional approach makes her a pleasure to work with. Pam is by far the best Supply Chain recruiter I have worked with to-date.

Director of Supply Chain Management

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert! Pamela has placed several candidates with our organization and has done a fantastic job of identifying candidates with the appropriate level of experience, leadership competencies, technical expertise, and organizational fit. It takes understanding of your client’s needs to do this successfully which is why I would recommend her services.

Director Distribution

Highly recommend. I have been fortunate to work with Pam using both sides of her recruiting talents. For me personally, and I have used her talents in raising the leadership levels in two of the companies where I worked. On my own personal level; I found her to be the ONLY recruiter who communicated with me on a continual basis. Anyone who has used a recruiter in the past knows the experience. You are hot for a few weeks and then you are off the radar and you never hear from the recruiter again. Not Pam. She is there every step of the way. She is adept at knowing what the client is looking for. If your skill set is a match, she is then able to communicate that need to you. To this day, almost 4 years later, we still keep in touch. To speak to her recruiting skills for our leadership positions; In each of my last two companies we needed to raise the leadership skills of our team. And it was an immediate need. We hired many of Pam’s recruits who turned out to be just what we were looking for, Ace players who contributed to the team immediately and moved into many stretch positions. I highly recommend in either area. She is the best of the best!

Director Distribution

Pamela is the best recruiter I have ever worked with. She is a consummate professional who gets it, and gets it done. I have been extremely impressed with her ability to understand supply chain personnel requirements and add value to all stakeholders in any arrangement. Stands at the pinnacle of her profession – highly recommended.

VP Logistics

I highly recommend working with Pamela, her understanding of the Supply Chain vertical is exceptional. She provided us with Manager and Director level candidates that were on the mark when it came to experience and professionalism. I look forward to having an opportunity to work with Pamela in the future on other projects.

Director of Staffing

You stand a cut above anyone else in your industry. The way you work and the quality of people you place is extraordinary.

VP of HR

I am amazed at how you work. I am convinced that I will never find a better recruiter than you. You stand out way above anyone I have ever dealt with.

Director Distribution