ZDA offers expert career counseling to individuals employed in the supply chain industry.

If you’re not happy with your current job, who can you turn to for advice? You can’t discuss your concerns with your boss or coworkers because it could jeopardize your current position. And if you’re unemployed, your family and friends probably don’t know enough about your job to provide valuable suggestions.

You need to work with an expert who knows and understands the job market and can tell you what it takes to beat your competition: ZDA.

Where We Get Our Expertise

  • We spend most of our time placing people in jobs
  • We work with hiring authorities on a daily basis
  • We constantly negotiate job offers
  • We stay informed of trends in the job market
  • Our coaches are experienced, effective and intuitive
  • Our coaches are also great listeners and problem solvers

Subjects We Cover In Career Coaching Sessions

  • Resumes Are Tickets to Interviews
  • Contact the Right Person
  • Your Two-Minute Commercial
  • Secrets that Will Help you Ace any Job Interview
  • Overcome Objections

and many more!

Benefits of Our Sessions

  • 100% objective and 100% confidential
  • Provide specific action items
  • Advice and insight you won’t find anywhere else

What People Are Saying

“I highly recommend the program for anyone who has been out of the job seeking mode for any length of time. This program helped me understand the new world of job seeking using available technology and social networking, and improved my self confidence. I fully understand how to present myself both to my current and potential future employer. This program is well worth the money and should not be overlooked!”

-VP Vendor Relations, Large Retailer