Anxious About Getting the Job? How to Follow Up Without Being a Pest.

Finding a New Job | November 28th, 2018

When you submit an application for a job you really want, you may have an overwhelming urge to follow up and ask, “Did you happen to get a look at the great resume I put a ton of work into?” But doing that can appear a bit desperate, and we… Read More

The Top Supply Chain Companies in 2018

Supply Chain Trends | November 21st, 2018

A recent report by the advisory company Gartner listed the Top 25 companies in the supply chain industry and offered an analysis of the industry’s current state. Released in May, the 14th annual report from the company included an impressive group of leaders with valuable lessons to share, including three… Read More

What to Do When You Feel Like the Outsider at Your Office

Finding a New Job | November 14th, 2018

Imagine you have a good, well-paying job and your employer is extremely supportive, but for some reason – you’re just not getting along with your co-workers. Many people find themselves in this situation and fixing it can be tricky. It’s not like you’re in a toxic work environment and need… Read More

Is a Mobile Job Search the Way to Go?

Finding a New Job | November 7th, 2018

Mobile job searching is on the rise. In a recent survey by Glassdoor, 45 percent of job seekers said they use a mobile device to search for jobs at least once a day. Mobile technology is shifting the way people look for and apply to jobs. In fact, almost all… Read More

Is CPFR What Your Supply Chain Needs?

Supply Chain Trends | October 17th, 2018

Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR) is a business process that brings together several trading partners in the planning and fulfillment of customer demand. Its main objective is to raise availability of goods, while minimizing inventory and logistics costs. CPFR Stakeholders There are three essential stakeholders in CPFR system: Your… Read More

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