How to Successfully Relocate for Your Supply Chain Job

Professional Growth | September 26th, 2018

Moving for a new job involves a lot of details, with many of those details related to how far you’re moving. Despite how far you’re moving, you should be as organized as possible to help with the personal and professional transition. Moving for work is a different undertaking than simply… Read More

4 Benefits of Offering Supply Chain Professionals a Flexible Work Schedule

Client Resources | September 17th, 2018

Many working professionals today want a flexible schedule, and yet fairly few organizations are offering this to their employees. Meanwhile, millions of Americans are opting to work gig-economy jobs because they want more control over their work and personal lives. If your company doesn’t offer flexible work hours and options,… Read More

What Does My Supply Chain Career Look Like?

Professional Growth | September 12th, 2018

The career path of the typical supply chain professional today looks much different than it did just a decade ago. With supply chain’s vital role in today’s global business ecosystem, the supply chain professional is no longer simply the “purchasing person.” Supply chain jobs and duties include a vast range… Read More

Today’s Thank-You Note is Tomorrow’s Job Offer

Finding a New Job | September 5th, 2018

You’ve probably heard countless times it’s a good idea to send a thank-you after an interview, but must have wondered if it really makes a difference. Although your chances of getting a job probably don’t depend on whether you send a thank-you note, sometimes, it can have an impact. Even… Read More

“According to the Job Description, I’m Not Qualified. Should I Apply?” Here’s Your Answer.

Finding a New Job | August 26th, 2018

If you find a job you really want to apply to, but feel you don’t fulfill all the requirements, you probably should apply anyway. Not applying means disqualifying yourself before you get a chance, and if you won’t advocate for yourself, who will? At the end of the day, you… Read More

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