Should I Use LinkedIn to Conduct My Job Search?

If you’re looking for a new job in 2020 and you’re not using LinkedIn, you may as well not but looking at all. In a world where social media rules everything around us, LinkedIn is the top social platform dedicated to professionals, with more than 130 million users in the US alone. LinkedIn is also… Read More

How a Flexible Work Schedule Can Improve Employee Retention

When it comes to keeping current staff members or hiring new ones, competitive compensation has been the top factor for decades. However, recent surveys have been showing pay isn’t as important as it once was. Achieved through remote working technology and schedule flexibility, work-life balance has emerged as a serious rival to pay when it… Read More

Have You Taken Time Off? 3 Reasons to Use All Your Vacation Days This Year

American workers are already well known for not using up all of their paid time off, as surveys regularly show many people end each year with unused vacation time. With the flight bans, mandatory quarantines and shuttered businesses, requesting time off right now could feel odd, but it’s actually in your interest to use up… Read More

Hot Job: VP Sales & Business Development

A Vice President of Sales and Business Development is a top-level executive who is accountable for managing the sales team, growing the business and supporting the profitability of the organization. First and foremost, this sales-oriented executive is expected to drive sales. At times, the VP of Sales and Business Development will work with staff members… Read More

Tech Trends Forecasted to Impact the Future of the Supply Chain Industry

As soon as the pandemic and lockdown pass, and the economy comes back, executives might think they ought to manage their supply chain networks as they had previously. However, when it comes to supply chain disruptions, the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t an isolated event. Geopolitical turmoil, climate-related disasters and other events are increasing in regularity and… Read More

What Is Executive Talent Actually Looking for Out of Career?

Top executives have a range of employment options and unlike non-executives, often aren’t limited to a single industry. When recruiting top executives, it’s important to remember this. An executive candidate is assessing your organization as much as you may be evaluating them. To draw in potential executives, you need to show how your company leadership… Read More

Should You Answer a Recruiter’s InMail?

There you are, minding your own business when all of a sudden, your phone notification pings, and you see someone has contacted you over LinkedIn about a job opportunity. It can be flattering when a recruiter slides into your LinkedIn DMs, but to be fair, a job opportunity you weren’t seeking is often less appealing… Read More

Lasting Effects the Economic Downturn May Have on the Supply Chain Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive effect on industries that are essential to modern life, and one most impacted by COVID-19 has been the worldwide supply chain industry. These well-established modern trade routes control what we can buy in the local grocery store and what manufacturers can produce. All around the globe, challenges presented… Read More

Hot Job: Strategic Sourcing Manager (Marketing)

Strategic sourcing managers are accountable for guiding and evaluating how a company or department spends money on essential supplies and services. The rapid expansion of both the international and online marketplaces in the past several years has opened up new competitive avenues for businesses that take a comprehensive approach to their supply chain operations and… Read More

5 Mistakes C-Level Candidates Make When Being Recruited

After putting in years of hard work, C-level professionals are in the enviable position of being in demand, and it isn’t unusual for recruiters to come knocking at their door. C-level professionals may be great at being an executive, but they probably aren’t practiced at being a job candidate, and many make simple mistakes when… Read More