Winning the War on Supply Chain Talent

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely disrupted the labor market, and while some companies are more focused on reducing staffing – the battle for talent in the supply chain industry still rages on. Throughout the pandemic, the supply chain was responsible for everything that came to our front door and logistics organizations found themselves dealing with… Read More

2021 Supply Chain Industry Salary Guide

According to a recent report from Supply Chain Management Review, the need for skilled labor in the supply chain industry is still greater than the supply of talent. Meanwhile, the value of entry-level talent seems to have outpaced rises in other supply chain costs. The results of this study seem to imply that employers are… Read More

Top Excel Skills to Boost Your Supply Chain Career

In the supply chain industry, Microsoft Excel is used for storing data, analysis, inventory, demand planning and scheduling. Clearly, strong Excel abilities are a must for anyone working in this industry, and while many people think the program is easy to grasp – most people who use Excel don’t take full advantage of its functionality.… Read More

Tackle Today’s Supply Chain Problems with Tomorrow’s Technology

Supply chain operations are multi-faceted, with a lot of different stakeholders and even more moving components. New technologies can make supply chain operations more efficient, and investing in new technology offers several benefits for businesses. Specifically, new technology can help to overcome ongoing challenges that hamper many supply chain departments and companies. Below are a… Read More

5 Buzzwords Hiring Managers Want to Hear During Your Interview

It may seem a bit trite to slip in buzzwords during a job interview. After all, shouldn’t you be considered based on your qualifications and ability to connect with your interviewer(s) on a professional level? However, the language that we use does matter. Think about it: If you walked into a job interview dropping all… Read More

Should You Change Your Supply Chain Model? What Does This Mean for Hiring?

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people probably didn’t know the term “supply chain” – despite the fact that it’s been in use for decades. Social distancing caused most people to rely more on online retailers, which consequently led to more shipment tracking, learning about where products come from and overall supply chain awareness. The… Read More

5 S&OP Questions You Must Understand for Your Supply Chain Job

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) is a business process that unites an organization’s various departments under a single integrated set of plans for bringing products and services to the market. S&OP provides management with a framework to direct its resources in pursuit of competitive advantage. Ideally, the framework should speak to the needs of customers… Read More

Do I Really Need a Resume as an Executive Job Searcher?

Rather than applying to jobs over Craigslist, executives typically find out about relevant job openings through their extensive network. This might suggest that a resume isn’t necessary for an executive job seeker, but those in charge of hiring executives still see the resume as a useful document. If you’re an executive job seeker, your resume… Read More

Should I Use LinkedIn to Conduct My Job Search?

If you’re looking for a new job in 2020 and you’re not using LinkedIn, you may as well not but looking at all. In a world where social media rules everything around us, LinkedIn is the top social platform dedicated to professionals, with more than 130 million users in the US alone. LinkedIn is also… Read More

How a Flexible Work Schedule Can Improve Employee Retention

When it comes to keeping current staff members or hiring new ones, competitive compensation has been the top factor for decades. However, recent surveys have been showing pay isn’t as important as it once was. Achieved through remote working technology and schedule flexibility, work-life balance has emerged as a serious rival to pay when it… Read More