Women In Supply Chain: How Companies Can Help Close the Gender Gap

Partly because it has been male-dominated for so long, the supply chain sector has a lot to be desired regarding the representation of women. Given the talent acquisition challenges faced by the sector today, the lack of women representation should be addressed now more than ever. Below are a few tips on how your company… Read More

How Setting SMART Goals Can Help You Land Your Supply Chain Dream Job

If you want to have a long and rewarding career that includes working a dream job, you need to set long-term career goals. Long-term career objectives are generally achieved by reaching several increasingly more ambitious goals over the course of many years. When you aim to land a dream job, you should start by laying… Read More

5 Excel Functions Every Supply Chain Professional Should Know

Used to store data and create reports, Microsoft Excel is an invaluable tool for all kinds of supply chain professionals. Excel has so many functions, many of them specialized, that it would take a full-time job to master all of them. People working in the supply chain only need to master a few functions to… Read More

A Supply Chain Management Planning Guide to Navigate the Approaching Holiday Season

The holiday season might seem far off at the moment but it is only a few months away! Throughout the holidays, shipping activity of consumer goods increases, which results in an increased demand for tools, materials, and services. A major spike in supply chain activity can lead to problems, and if an organization hasn’t prepared… Read More

Only Coaching Your Executives? Why You Could Be Missing Out on Employee Potential

Plenty of businesses make investments in coaching for their executive team members. Still, there is a growing recognition that offering coaching to the staff at all job levels, even those in entry-level roles, results in higher productivity and better company culture. Coaching also helps to shape the company’s managers of the future. In 2021, companies… Read More

Wellness is More than Mental Health – 5 Areas That Can Help Improve Your Satisfaction at Work

For many years, employee wellness was primarily focused on physical health. Now there appears to be a more significant focus on mental health. While these initiatives do helped steer people toward control of their well-being, the COVID pandemic has helped reveal that these endeavors don’t fully support overall well-being. The modern concept of wellness is… Read More

Struggling with Employee Retention? 4 Important Trends to Note

Turnover rates have been rising for years, and as with just about everything else, the COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated this trend. If your company is struggling with employee retention, you should take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. Of course, knowing is half the battle, and business leaders who keep tabs on… Read More

6 Strategies When Changing Career to Supply Chain

Companies need supply chain professionals to control the flow of raw materials and finished goods, regardless of shifts in consumer sentiment or business trends. As the world transforms in the wake of COVID-19, you might find yourself thinking about a supply chain career, even with little formal training in the industry. If you can show… Read More

Remote Work Is Here to Stay: 3 Common Challenges Faced When Hiring Top Executive Talent for a Remote Position

While the COVID-19 crisis has resulted in hiring freezes, there has been a substantial number of executives still being hired. In many situations, hiring is continuing remotely and in non-traditional ways. Remote hiring is likely here to stay, and this environment offers its own unique hiring challenges that companies must address. Below are three common… Read More

Will Easing of Pandemic Precautions Increase Summer Burnout? 3 Ways to Cope with Feeling Unmotivated

Motivating yourself any summer is difficult, but this summer will likely be more difficult than most. People who locked themselves away from society are likely itching to take advantage of relaxed COVID-19 regulations and mindsets. Consequently, you may have trouble focusing on work and find yourself more distracted than ever by their personal lives. Rather… Read More