Struggling with Employee Retention? 4 Important Trends to Note

Turnover rates have been rising for years, and as with just about everything else, the COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated this trend. If your company is struggling with employee retention, you should take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. Of course, knowing is half the battle, and business leaders who keep tabs on… Read More

6 Strategies When Changing Career to Supply Chain

Companies need supply chain professionals to control the flow of raw materials and finished goods, regardless of shifts in consumer sentiment or business trends. As the world transforms in the wake of COVID-19, you might find yourself thinking about a supply chain career, even with little formal training in the industry. If you can show… Read More

Remote Work Is Here to Stay: 3 Common Challenges Faced When Hiring Top Executive Talent for a Remote Position

While the COVID-19 crisis has resulted in hiring freezes, there has been a substantial number of executives still being hired. In many situations, hiring is continuing remotely and in non-traditional ways. Remote hiring is likely here to stay, and this environment offers its own unique hiring challenges that companies must address. Below are three common… Read More

Will Easing of Pandemic Precautions Increase Summer Burnout? 3 Ways to Cope with Feeling Unmotivated

Motivating yourself any summer is difficult, but this summer will likely be more difficult than most. People who locked themselves away from society are likely itching to take advantage of relaxed COVID-19 regulations and mindsets. Consequently, you may have trouble focusing on work and find yourself more distracted than ever by their personal lives. Rather… Read More

Inclusivity is Everyone’s Job: 6 Ways To Do Your Part as a Co-Worker

In most businesses, diversity and inclusion are approached using a top-down strategy; however, bottom-up employee involvement is crucial to making any initiatives come to life. First, it’s important to make a distinction between diversity and inclusivity.  From a human resources point of view, diversity is mostly about representation, ensuring that an organization’s personnel reflects both… Read More

The Top 4 Must-Have Soft Skills You Need to Be A Successful Supply Chain Manager of the Future

While people typically get into management positions because of their technical ability, interpersonal soft skills are far more relevant than technical know-how in most manager positions. With technology changing rapidly the way we do our jobs, technical abilities can get outdated quickly. It’s so hard to predict what the most important future technical abilities will… Read More

3 Reasons Why the Size of the Company Matters When Working a Supply Chain Job

Like selecting a college or university for your secondary education, opting for a large or small employer can have a significant impact on your life and your future. If you opt for a big company, you will likely have access to an extensive benefits package and more possibility for advancement. However, being noticed for doing… Read More

4 Ways Top Companies are Leading the Movement for Diversity & Inclusivity – Now It’s Your Turn

The protests in 2020 around racial inequality set off a cultural sea change. This change included many companies taking the lead with respect to making real change. The companies that made commitments to diversity and equality are all the more impressive because it was done amid a global pandemic. Consider the following top companies ‘… Read More

World Health Day Regaining Health and Economic Strength in 2021

World Health Day has been celebrated each year since 1948 on April 7th. The World Health Organization promotes this celebration yearly to promote awareness of health concerns. If we learned anything in the last year is that most of us take our health for granted. Whether you are recovering from COVID-19, or managed to avoid… Read More

Don’t Rely on Luck to Find A Job: How ZDA Career Coaching Sessions Can Help

Career counselors are experts who can connect individuals’ professional interests to career success. ZDA provides this invaluable service to folks employed in the supply chain sector. If you’re not satisfied with your present job, it’s hard to talk about it with a boss or coworkers because doing so could put your job situation at risk.… Read More